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Windows Impact Glass

Our impact-resistant windows and doors can provide your home or business with effortless, around-the-clock protection against hurricanes and unwanted entry. Besides hurricane door and hurricane window protection, impact-resistant doors and windows can also reduce outside noise and provide added UV protection. We use heavy-duty aluminum frames with impact-resistant glass. A special silicone glazing process keeps the glass from shattering.

Although the outer layer of glass may crack on impact, a special inner layer keeps the glass intact, thereby preventing debris from entering your home or business. Our hurricane window impact glass has been engineered to meet the most stringent wind codes in the country and have been reviewed and accepted by the Miami-Dade County product control division, Florida Building Code, and the International Building Code.

Stormwise's impact-resistant glass is compatible for use with the hurricane window shutters we manufacture. In fact, if you opt for both, you'll be able to rest easy, because the combination of hurricane storm shutters and impact-resistant glass affords you double the protection.

Consider Impact Resistant windows and doors if...
• You are in the design stage.
• Your existing property can be retro fit.
• UV and sound reduction is important.
• Access to openings is difficult.
• Effortless storm and security protection is important.
• A recipient of a My Safe Florida Inspection.
• Seeking a reduction in your insurance premiums.

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